Obscure Craft Book Thursday: German wood carving books

We missed a couple Obscure Craft Book Thursdays with the holiday rush, but now we're back on track. I want to do more simple wood carving with Julian this winter. With my baby axe and the new knife he received (a Bruseletto Balder, see the link for an article on choosing a knife for a child), we are ready to go. I bought a couple new carving books before the holidays. I had a hard time finding wood carving books that had the aesthetic I was looking for and had projects that were simple enough for both of us. I managed to find a few good ones but the only trouble is they are in German. I am working on getting some translations of a few projects and Google translate certainly helps, but the photos alone are plenty helpful and inspiring.

They are both written by Danish author Frank Egholm and believe it or not, he has a blog with some great projects as well. Here's the first book-  

Schnitzen mit Kindern, or Carving with Children has super simple but sweet projects for children working with green wood and twigs. Here are a couple pages- 

The second book is Bewegliche Holzspielzeugselbst, or Moveable Wooden Toys.

It has more complicated and colorful projects. Including some simple automata:

I want to take on the challenge of making automata soon, and I really like the way he incorporates hand-carved figures.

Look at this beautiful door knocker. There are no real directions for this one, but I think it won't be too hard to figure out. 

It's so fun to have such rich inspiration! I have relaxed my already relaxed house cleaning standards and the boys and I carve at the dining room table when it's cold outside. I look forward to sharing projects we carve. I have two more carving books to share soon, one's even in English!