Knitting mix

Not to be outdone by all of Laura's knitting, I wanted to share a couple projects I have been working on. First up, a pair of socks that I planned to knit over our Christmas trip. Funny how 10-hour car drives improve my knitting efficiency! I bought the beautiful Madeline Tosh sock at Magpie Yarn, it's Tomato colorway and it glows, a rich red-orange. The well-written free pattern is Jane's Hedgerow socks. I like the way the pattern continues down the heel.

Now I am back to real life with alluring new yarn and projects around the house so the second sock is not as quick to knit. If I start talking about big new projects, please remind me of this second sock! I am forcing myself to bring the second sock to my weekly knitting group so I will at least keep chipping away on it. 

Next, a quick and fun project. Michael's family has always had a dauchsaund dog around and I wanted to knit a little something for his parents for Christmas. I bought Cheezombie's pattern for a "Weiner Dog." Kahra is a gifted designer, it was fun to follow along and knit the well-written and super-clear pattern. 

Plus, isn't he so sweet?! I want to knit a little collar and leash too. I also bought patterns for her slug and crab. Now that I knitted up the little dog I am more motivated to whip out some other creatures. 

Lastly, I am working on a new free felted design for my house, here's a sneak peek, can you guess what it is going to be? Michael was teasing me and said it looks like I am making a coconut bra. It's not that, promise!