Photo-less newsy update

I am working on a couple simple knitting patterns, one is for a guest post and one will be here later in the week, but meanwhile, here is what I have been up to-- 

This weekend, some stitching-group friends and Laura and I went to The Woolery, a fiber arts store in Frankfort. They have supplies for spinning, weaving, knitting, felting, dyeing- and much more! It's a very inspiring place to be and I am surprised I made it out of there without starting a new hobby, the Inkle loom was calling my name. They do most of their business online so it feels like a treat to be able to go see all their lovely things in person. I look forward to visiting again, maybe to take a class

I mentioned a couple times that I have been involved in getting the ordinances changed in our town to allow folks to have backyard hens. After a year of attending meetings, writing letters and politely bugging our elected officials, we can now have backyard hens! Our family is one of the five in Berea that can have hens, but I am sure more families will follow. I am planning my coop and my boys are researching chicken breeds. How exciting. 

I just got a movie in the mail that I have really been wanting to watch. The documentary "Who Does She Think She Is?" is about women balancing parenting and creative pursuits. I am hoping to have a house party to watch it and talk with other women about how to navigate that tricky balance. 

Finally, I finally grouted the tile in my kitchen today, only two months behind schedule. It took just a couple hours, I am not sure why it has taken so long to accomplish. But it looks fantastic and I can't wait to have shelves in my kitchen again! Stacking our dishes on top of the fridge is getting old.