Free knitting pattern, video tutorial: Felted Pan Handle Cozy

I finally put together a little video tutorial showing how I felt knitted pieces by hand. In the video I am felting this- 

a cozy to slip on the end of a pan handle. It's a super-simple pattern but I am already using mine in my kitchen quite a bit. The curly-q on the end is just for fun and I wanted to show how wool will hold its shape when dry. 

Here is an action shot, 

If you just want to download the free pattern, click here for the PDF.

I am a super-beginner in video editing, so there are a few little glitches but I think that it is just fine for a first try. (and eek! I am going to have to get more used to being in front of the camera!)

I hope that you find the tutorial helpful, let me know if you have any questions about hand felting knits, I will answer your questions in the next video! 

Hand felting tutorial from Katie Startzman on Vimeo.