new skilz

Happy New Year! I haven't been blogging for ages, so glad to be back. The ecological architecture class I audited at Berea College was very engaging - and a lot of work! The final project was to design a small house inspired by Shaker architecture. I did drawings:

And made models:

I really got into the model making...This experience will be invaluable as we move forward designing and building our own house!

I've been hanging around with Katie for ages as she knit away on all kinds of cool stuff, attending our weekly knitting and stitching group for 2 years, and until recently had no desire to learn to knit. I quilt and embroider and sculpt and dye... always working on something fibery and really didn't want to be a clumsy beginner. But, finally my resistance to being a beginner was squashed  by my desire to make myself and my family some cozy knit wear. (Hmmm, maybe it's because of all the snow and ice we've had so far this winter...) Anyway on a snowy December Saturday I went to a fantastic beginner knitting class at Magpie Yarn. And... now I can knit! I picked irresistible Noro yarn for my first project, a cowl for myself. The whole day in the car on our way to Pennsylvania was a  great big chunk of knitting time...and I knew Katie could help me bind off and seam it once we got up there!

I'm so pleased, it turned out just how I wanted. I've already started my next project and started building my yarn stash while in PA, more on all that later.