Favorite new things

When we are in Pennsylvania, Laura and I always stop at a few favorite thrifting haunts. This trip, we were on the lookout for wool sweaters both for wearing and to take apart and recycle the yarn. I lucked out in the wearing department, and found several new sweaters- among them is an Aran one for Michael and a Norwegian one for me. Yesterday was so warm, I could dry them outside.

See Avery through the window? While I was tidying up I let him do one of his favorite things- 

He loves washing dishes. He uses so much dish soap, it is difficult for him to rinse the dishes clean, but he's getting the hang of it. 

My Christmas gift from Michael was a useful tool, a Svante's Baby Axe from Country Workshops

Back in the summer, I used our old hatchet to rough out a spoon and it was a slow and frustrating process due to the shape and dullness of the hatchet I was using. Julian and I have been doing a more carving lately and this axe is perfect for the kind of woodworking I am interested in doing. I can't wait to use it more. I am hoping to cut some fresh wood soon so I can carve a green wood spoon during our January thaw.