Little bits, little birds

I am still knitting my shawl.

The colors are lovely. It is fun to watch them change. 

It looks like I will use every last bit of yarn (I hope I have enough!) and the last color will be dark yellow/orange, so the shawl will start and end with about the same color. I feel confident about the pattern now, it's not quite mindless knitting but close, with just enough of a pattern to be interesting. 

I am also working on writing out a free pattern that I hope to publish here tomorrow- Little Birds. We love watching the birds at the feeder in the fall and winter at our house, so I thought it would be fun to have some birds inside too.

It's the first toy pattern I've designed that is not felted. They are just a bit smaller than life size, perfect for play or decorating. I made them in bright colors but it would also be nice to make them in true-to-life colors like dove gray and tawny tan. Avery really likes the red one.

They are knit in the round and are seamless. I am pleased with their little twig feet and beady black eyes. I am excited to share the pattern with everyone, so stop by here tomorrow and make a Little Bird of your own!