Knitting a Rainbow

I went thrifting on Saturday with Laura and our friend Michelle and we made a quick stop into Magpie Yarn, Michelle's favorite yarn shop. I wasn't intending to buy anything, but giant balls of Kauni 8/2 Effektgarn yarn were calling my name. I bought one, unsure what I would do with the 600 yards of rainbow color-changing yarn. After a few minutes browsing on Ravelry, my choice was clear. The Northern Lights pattern is excellent and there was an active Knit-a-long last year, so there are lots of helpful tips and inspiring photos of completed shawls (Like this one!)

I charged in on Sunday morning, but just a few rows in was met with a knot in the yarn that was not a subtle transition- orange to green! I set up my yarn winder on the porch so I could really see the color changes and began winding. 

I decided to wind out the whole ball, to check for more knots. There were none. Luckily, the colors work out just right, the color that the yarn ends with matches where the join was. Soon I had the yarn all wound and I was ready to knit again. 

I abandoned all motherly and wifely duties and sat on the couch and knitted and knitted all day Sunday. I am new to lace and lace charts, but the helpful info in the group's message boards and my undivided stitch-counting attention kept me knitting. Here's my progress: 

Isn't it cool?! I am excited to see the finished shawl, but my rows are getting longer and longer, I think my progress will slow down. It is so fun to see the color changes and the yarn is lovely to work with, kind of sticky and sturdy. I am a sucker for Noro and other yarn that have long bands of color, so this yarn is a natural fit into my "aesthetic," if you can call it that. I know my family will be relieved when I finish the shawl and rejoin our family life, but for know, I am still knitting.