One of the things we did today

Laura and I and our kids met up with a couple other homeschooling families today at a local creek. I loaded up my kiddos, (Avery and a friend, Julian was at his book club) and all our picnic and creek gear into my bike and pedaled across town. Soon we were on the shady creek bank. I love having my bike on days like this! 

The nets were well-used, scooping up minnows and crayfish. The water is still warm enough so that the kids can go in and get wet. It is so fun now that all of our kids are growing up, they play on their own and the moms can catch up and maybe even do some stitching. I was working on a new knitted toy and Laura was doing some embroidery on a project for our ebook. 

Having just read the Nuno magazine last night, I saw many things I could use for craft projects- tiny hemlock tree pinecones, creek rocks, colorful leaves and lots of little twigs. I didn't collect anything today though, I want to go on a nature craft-supply gathering walk with my boys in a couple weeks. 

There have been 2 big floods in our town this summer and the dead trees that washed downstream have made a perfect fort for the boys. In between creek and fort play, we shared our good snacks and talked about how the first 4-6 weeks of homeschooling have been going. 

What a fun way to spend the day, I feel lucky that I get to do it again next Friday! 

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