Obscure Craft Book Thursday, but featuring something new and not obscure

I had to skip my obscure craft book for the week this week because I want to be sure to share about a new online craft magazine that Laura and I just found out about...

I just discovered Nuno Magazine. For $5.00 I downloaded the beautiful ad-free magazine with knitting and sewing projects as well as other types of crafts.  Many (or all?) of the projects are made from recycled and salvaged materials. The finished projects are clever but simple, clean and earthy. Made by long-time creative partners Rachel Abernathy Braff and Elizabeth Abernathy Graham, this issue's theme is "Forest," and the magazine is full of lovely, lush images related to the woods. 

I think my favorite project may be the leather mushrooms- 

Image courtesy of Nuno Magazine

But I also liked  the collage books made with old kids' nature books, the moss pincushion made with French knots and the pebble and recycled wool jewelry-

Image courtesy of Nuno Magazine

There are many projects I would like to make! Here's a preview of the issue, use the arrow keys to turn the pages: 


I can't wait to see what projects are in the next Nuno Magazine, and I wish Elizabeth and Rachel the best in their joint venture! 

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