Completed shawl and Sailor Monkey free pattern preview

This weekend, I did no knitting and no new-pattern designing. I was worried that I would have a hard time getting the free pattern done for this Wednesday. I was worried I would never finish my Rainbow shawl. (See here, here and here for previous shawl posts.) But something happened Monday and bouyed by the thought of seeing my friends at our weekly stitching gathering on Monday night, I worked on my shawl for hours and hours. I ran out of yarn when I was binding off, but happily had something close enough to finish it. I blocked the shawl in my yard-

It made cool shadows,

and now it's done!

The colors make me so happy.

I know it will be great to have in February. 

Now, I promised a little creature to ride inside the S.S. Guppy for the free pattern this week. I don't know why, but sailing seems like a good job for a monkey, so here's the Sailor Monkey:

He is tiny and cute,

but also a capable sailor. He gets ready to sail,

and when the winds are going his way, he'll sit back and relax.

He's knit from worsted weight yarn in the round with only a few stitches to seam. I will post the free pattern tomorrow evening, so check back soon if you would like to knit a tiny Sailor Monkey.