Shawl knitting and S.S. Guppy preview

Two real errors and one stitch miscount slowed my shawl knitting progress. But I am rolling once again and have moved onto the third and final chart of the pattern and have about 30 rows to knit (not that I am obsessively keeping track or anything....) Here's a shot of my progress:

There are eight segments like the two shown here, the shawl is getting very wide. I am still smitten with this yarn, it's sturdy with clear colors and wonderful color changes. 

Another reason I didn't get more shawl knitting done this weekend is that I spent Sunday afternoon knitting and crafting the new free pattern for this week- a little knitted and felted sailboat, the S.S. Guppy.

She has a bamboo skewer mast and a sail made from a scrap of calico. I want to try to make more knitted toys that are not just stuffed animals, so I'm pleased with her. There's even a "wooden" deck:

And next week I'll make someone to ride inside. But for now, Avery is happy to use the little vessel for this Playmobil guys-

Tune in tomorrow evening for the free pattern, it's almost embarrassingly simple, but that means it's a fun, fast project for the kids in your life!