The more you have to do, the more you get done?

Hello! Hope all of you are enjoying the same incredible early fall weather we are here in Kentucky. These cool mornings call for getting out our slippers, long sleeves, and down comforters. My days have been pleasantly full. Here is a sampling...

Work on our meadow house site is progressing. Trees have been cut:

A friend with a sawmill has been hard at work:

And promising stacks of lumber are popping up like mushrooms:

The ecological architecture class I'm taking is going well, although it is consuming most (OK, actually all) of my creative energy.  I love being in a studio full of other busy students again. We have been doing more architectural models:

 This is an idea for an indoor/outdoor sitting area shaded by "trees" made of sheets of steel. Now that I've finished the model, my task is to draw it.

So, our plans for the weekend are to re-stack the lumber with small sticks of scrap lumber to let air circulate as the boards dry, and I've got to get in lots of studio time to do my drawings which are due Tuesday!

Happy Weekend!