Sprucing up the Studio

We've lived in our new house for 8 months now and I am still working on unpacking and settling in. We have a studio space that I use for crafting, craft storage, computer use and homeschooling my kids.  Our family spends a lot of time in here. So far, it had felt like a storage unit with a computer in it, piled up with stuff for Goodwill, unpacked boxes, piles of yarn, etc... not a pleasant or inspiring place to be. 

The space is pretty big and it has a fireplace, so I wanted there to be a sitting space as well as a work space. There's a large built-in shelving unit that holds lots of stuff but is kind of strange looking- it's not symmetrical and that drives me crazy! As I am getting ready to delve into a big new knitting design project- more on that soon- and we are getting ready to begin our homeschool year, I wanted to make the studio a beautiful, cozy space. 

I spent some time getting our computer desk organized back in January, and that's stayed about the same. It's working well. 

I bought an Army cot way back in February, I wanted to get that finally finished and useable for snuggling up with a book by the fire, or spying on the squirrels in the backyard. Laura gave me some great fabrics that have spurred on my work on the Army cot. She found a great buffalo plaid wool blanket at a thrift store and bought some Annamoa fabric at Ikea. I used those fabrics as well as some ticking and linen for covering the army cot and making pillows. 

I'm not 100% done with the Army cot or the window, but it's progress! Here are the pillows with the Annamoa fabric:

For the pillows, I used a simple tutorial to make envelope-style covers. They were quick and satisfying to make! 

Next I'll show before and afters for the $2.00 coffee table I found.

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