We have been enjoying much cooler weather here in Kentucky. How nice to go outside without recoiling from the heat and humidity! My boys, Eli and Isaac and I are finishing up our second week of home school and have created a new "requirement". Everyday after doing our lessons, we go for a walk/kick around outside. The meadow we are going to build a house on is just around the corner from our apartment...

Just out of sight to the right of the driveway is a shade tent with chairs and a table, then a rocky creek bed. The creek has been mostly dry, but it does still have pools to play in. The boys and I love this environment. I pack a picnic and a stitching project and we are content for hours:

(More on this project soon.)

 On our most recent trip, we spotted this guy:

Thanks to What's That Bug, I identified it as a spicebush swallowtail caterpillar. (I love What's That Bug, and consult it at least once a week....) Pretty appropriate that we found him on the creek bank since there is plenty of spicebush  for it to eat along there. Anyway, these caterpillars are usually green, but turn orange or brown before building their chrysalis. I think those false eyes are really something, they make it look so cute, don't they? You hear those are to scare predators off, but maybe the eyes cause the predator to think twice because of the cuteness.