Thursdays are for Obscure Craft Books

This week's book is about spoons and Japanese design. I've been making and researching spoons this summer. Somehow I came across this book- 

 Japanese Spoons and Ladles is a Japanese book that was released in the US in 1979. It is just pages and pages (58 of them) of different Japanese spoons. They are more spare than the Swedish spoons I have been trying to emulate, a different look for sure, but lovely in their own right. The introduction to the book outlines the importance of celebrating the well-made, well-loved everyday object- a timely message still! 

There are all different types of spoons. Huge ladles- 

Tiny bamboo spoons and scoops- 

Many sizes of rice paddles-  

And myriad well-worn kitchen spoons, darkened with age. 

The book is rich with images- that's all it is with an appendix in the back noting sources and describing spoon types and measurements. Many of the spoons in the book are crafted from bamboo, a different medium than the wood spoons I am carving. 

I appreciate this book because it showcases totally different types of spoons and also because it has so many great images. Some of the photographs are so striking they could be framed and used as artwork, and altogether, the book makes me want to sharpen my carving knife and get to work.

What books have been inspiring you lately?