Obscure Craft Book Thursday

Well, it is Thursday and my turn to share one of our favorite and most treasured craft books. Me and Katie's Mom-mom was a creative explorer and lifelong artist. She had a dusty corner cupboard in her living room over flowing with art and craft materials and books-tiny tools and figurines from a bonasi kick, jars of ink and nibs for lettering, pastels and watercolors in their tidy wooden boxes-all piled in an irrestible tumble. When we were 10, she sorted through the corner cupboard, and gave Katie and I some materials and books. We've been enchanted by the Artist's Scrapbook ever since:

The images on the cover provide a hint at what is inside. This was published by School Arts Magazine, and while I can't find a date on it, you can tell it is very old...It is not a bound book, but a portfolio of sheets with silhouettes printed on one side. The contents are provided on the inside of the cover:

There are lots of pages of adorably attired children involved in picturesque activities:

Also, plenty of fashionable ladies:

There are pages of houses, trees, animals and birds:

All in all, a treasure trove of vintage images!

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