New blog look

If you read our blog in a reader you won't notice it, but we've been working to update our blog a bit. We are going to start updating our header image regularly, Laura composed the first one with some vintage birds she found. We've re-organized our tutorials and pattern and they now have their own page with images of the finished projects. We still have some work to do, cleaning up the sidebar and adding some things, but the changes we've made so far feel good! 

For now, the "shop" tab takes you to my online shop, Hedgehog Lane, where I sell knitting patterns, but we'll soon have a new shop, complete with sewing patterns by Laura as well as some finished pieces and kits. 

I am also working on a series of video blogs about hand felting knits as well as a new collection of knitting patterns. 

It's fun to freshen up the online space that Laura and I have shared for the last three years, if you have any suggestions or ideas about how our site could be more appealing, please let us know in the comments! 

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