Obscure Craft Book Thursday

Whew! Last week I started this series, and now I am squeaking under the wire getting the second book up on a Thursday! There's nothing like a deadline to make the time fly by. We are starting our homeschooling this week as local public schools started classes this week, and it's been an especially good but busy time.

The book I have to share this week is seriously tempting me to take up a new hobby. I found this at our local Half Price bookstore:

Fun and Profit With Screen Printing by Nick and Helma Mika was printed in 1969 and is a funky introduction to this versatile craft. It was pricy for a used book- I think I paid $9.00 for it. When I first spotted it in the store, I was dithering around, not sure if I should splurge on it. However, the thing that pushed me over the edge when I was flipping through it were all the cool samples- actual screenprinted samples of different techniques and materials. For example, they cover flocking:

And 2-color printing:

And all kinds of other cool techniques. As someone who used to flip through the ad circulars in the Sunday paper in hopes of finding a scratch-n-sniff ad for soap or cleaner, I find these special pages incredibly endearing. 

The book isn't all fluff though, there's complete information about how to screenprint and the text is accompained by helpful illustrations.

While I am not sure I am ready to make the leap into screen printing just yet, the 60's era graphics are also inspiring, and the clean graphic style could be transferred to many other crafts. 

Books like this make me happy to skip the generic Barnes and Noble type bookstores, what a treat to find a cool old book!