6 coats of paint later...

Here's an update on my studio progress--for earlier updates, see this post

My $2.00 coffee table had great lines, but it was chipped, scratched and had a dark finish.

I pulled a color from the Ikea fabric and painted it bright yellow. It really brightens up the fireplace corner! I had a hard time getting good photos of my progress in the studio, lighting is going to be the next thing I work on in- it's really dark with only one overhead light, and these next photos are grainy... 

The funky built-in shelves hold my yarn, craft supplies and other ephemera. They also hold the kids' creative tools and paper as well as some of Michael's technology accessories. With no effective containers, things just got stuffed into the compartments, never to be seen again. So here's a before of my shelves-- mess alert! 

Now they are organized and tidy. 

Ahhh, that's better! I found these bankers boxes at Uline- they are only $1.10 each! Even with shipping costs, they were the most inexpensive storage I could find. I added a chalkboard paint label and decorated the label with a pin stripe of red paint-pen. Now things are tidy and there are even three empty boxes waiting to be filled. I look forward to working in my updated studio!