Every stranger's face I see reminds me that I long to be

Getting reoriented to life in Kentucky after our trip to my parents is proving difficult. It is always hard for me to leave Pennsylvania. On top of that, we are in an odd time of transition as we wait for our house to sell. It would be much nicer stay away and not think about things like our budget with a mortgage payment and rent, or what we are going to do with all the junk in our sheds...Anyway a few things eased my transition this week. Being just around the corner from one of my favorite places in the world:

Finding a bag of yard sale goodies I bought the day before we left and promptly forgot about, including a handful of cotton bandanas from Japan and a precious box of tiny origami paper:

Going out to our house to mow and check on things and finding one of my all time favorite plants in full bloom:

(This is Meadow Rue, I don't know its Latin name. It prefers part sun/ part shade and grows to be taller than I am with masses of these nodding violet and yellow flowers. The foliage is similar to columbine. I have it in a foundation planting with hostas and the combination is perfect...)

Finally this week has been frekishly cool for Kentucky in the summer. Nighttime lows of 50 degrees?! No humidity! It is a wonder what this kind of weather perfection can do for my mental state!

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