More Oven inspiration

I'm still thinking about our trip to PA and Landis Valley museum, a living-history type Pennsylvania Dutch Village outside of Lancaster. We had the opportunity to visit and besides seeing the beautiful horses and great old buildings, it was a fun surprise to see some baking ovens! 

Here's the first one I spotted. There were scraps of paper and spiderwebs inside so I figured that it didn't get used much at all. Later, my mom talked with one of the "villagers" and she said that this oven is the least efficient of all three on the grounds. But we could smell good smells, so we knew that there was baking going on somewhere....

Farther on down the trail, next to a little log cabin, I spotted another oven. I went close to get a photo of the cool inside bricks and immediately was hit by a wave of heat! This was the baking oven that was in use. Behind me was the fresh bread that had just been taken out of the oven. 

I like that peel, I need to make one for my oven. Then, behind the tavern, there was the last oven to see- 

 What a great baking set up, with dry wood, work space, a roof and good tools. It was great to see these functional ovens still being used and enjoyed.