Hey! I made a shirt

Back in March, when we went to NYC and visited Purl, I bought some fabric. Just 2 yards of beautiful, sheer and silky, Anna Maria Horner designed goodness.

(Oh, and a purl calendar...)

I washed it as soon as I got home, thinking I'd make something right away. This has not happened, it has sat prettily on my shelf for months. Well, until the other day when I stumbled upon Anna Maria's recent blog post. Using some of the same print I bought, she whipped up a sweet little dress. I only had 1 yard, but figured I could adapt the pattern and make a shirt. It took me a bit more than then the one hour (ahem) she made hers in, but, it was an easy, enjoyable project, and last night I was able to wear it to our weekly stitching group.

(I altered her directions in a minor way-I don't have much elastic sewing experience, so I  made a casing for the 3 rows of elastic, it seemed less scary than sewing on elastic while you are streching it to fit. I never feel totally successful with elastic when doing it that way.)