Stuck on Spoons

I haven't been doing much crafting at all lately but when I work on something, I work on more spoons. Before I show my new spoon progress, I wanted to show the finished spoon I made for Abby and Josh. See here for the spoon-making process. 

When I got to PA for the wedding (told you it was last minute!) I did the final clean-up carving and sanded the spoon smooth. I carved in their initials and oiled the spoon with walnut oil. It really soaked up the oil over several days, so I kept adding oil until it didn't absorb any more. 

Then the spoon was done.

I didn't get any with my hands in the photo, but this is one big spoon- almost like a ladle. I think it will be great for serving soups and stews. It was my first time carving anything decorative into the surface, I was fairly pleased with how that carving turned out- it's tricky to carve like that!

See how the bowl is resting flat but the handle is twisted towards you? The spoon has a bit of a twist in it, but it's perfect for left-handed use, which works out well because Abby is left-handed.

It is very light and the bowl is thin but not too thin. I think I could have refined the shape of the handle a bit more, but eventually I had to call it "done." The elm finished nicer than I anticipated, and it was supremely satisfying to go from tree to spoon using only hand tools. I hope Abby and Josh get a lot of use out of it. 

Before we left my parents' farm in Pennsylvania, my dad and I cut down a large sucker from a birch tree by their pond and the chain saw and chop saw came in very handy there. It was fun to work with my dad, here's the tree after we cut the sucker out- there's still lots of tree left!

With a trash bag full of spoon blanks and wood chunks, we headed home to Kentucky. The birch is really nice to carve even when it's dry, it feels like money in the bank to have a bunch of it around. 

Yesterday I finished a little spoon that I made from a piece of that birch- it's for me! 

Michael teases me because I eat soup with a teaspoon, I don't like big soup spoons. This spoon is small and perfect. Avery was really hoping the spoon was for him, so I will probably make one for him next. 

If you haven't had too much spoon talk already, take a look at the lovely spoons at Peter Follansbee's blog. I wonder if I will ever have a rack of spoons that I have carved for my family. I hope so!