Tree of Life

I enjoyed making Katie's birthday birds so much, I've been wanting to start another little embroidery project. While trolling around I discovered a sweet little shop on Etsy- Polka and Bloom features a bunch of pretty hand embroidery designs.  All the patterns are so folk-arty and lovely, I had a hard time picking one out. I also bought the left handed small stitches booklet. Both things are very nicely done and a pleasure to read and use.  To get started on my new stitching I really needed a new way to transfer designs onto fabric. I visited the quilt shop and came away with a fancy mechanical pencil with special marking lead. The pencil comes with white lead, I also bought a little tube of dark leads. This thing is so precise, by far the best marking pencil/pen I've used. Anyway, with my new pattern and my new pencil I got to work on beginning a new embroidery project: