Earth oven- almost done!

Though it's been oppressively hot for the last couple weeks, our backyard is shady, so I have been able to keep chipping away at the earth oven project. Laura came over a couple times and helped me mix cob and apply it to the oven. It's definitely more fun to work together!

I am so pleased to have made so much progress in the last week. This morning I carved out a door and scooped out the sand form. It was really cool to see the perfect dome-shaped void left after the sand was removed. 

I still need to add a coat or two of plaster, but here's what the oven looks like so far- 

And here's a bad, flash shot of the interior- the newspaper was laid on the sand form to avoid carving into the cob wall when removing the sand. It will burn off. Also, there are firebricks under the sand, I still need to clean all the sand out of the interior. The oven interior is 27" in diameter and 17" tall- big! 

After reading and researching so much about these ovens, I can't believe I have one in my yard now. It was a big project and a lot of work to gather the materials, but it's also been supremely satisfying and rewarding. I am hoping that it will dry when we are in Pennsylvania for my sister's wedding, then when we come home it will be pizza time!