New Hat

I had a run-in with my new big kitchen knife and it's surprising how much I need my right hand ring finger to type, so this is just a quick show-off post... (though I think it's pretty funny that I've been extra careful with my new spoon-carving tools and when I cut myself it's when I'm chopping onions with my kitchen knife)

I made a hat last week. Tired of having nothing to bring to knit at our weekly stitching group, I printed the free pattern "Star-Crossed Slouchy Beret" and cast on at stitching group. A day and a half later, voila, new hat! I love quick knits and I love it that my head will have a new hat when the weather turns cold this fall. I felt a bit silly standing in our yard in 80-degree weather while Michael snapped a photo, but here's one view of the back-

It's gray and chunky, really warm! I want to get back to work on the several pairs of socks I have going, if I get them all done it's going to be a cozy winter season.