Handmade things

 We've added a few new functional handmade things to our household in the last week or so.

Laura's mother-in-law Teresa Cole is a skilled professional potter and she gave me a great new mug for by birthday. It's got a little depression at the base of the handle for my pinkie and it holds the perfect amount of coffee. 

Michael bought a little wood tray at the Berea College craft sale. It was 5 dollars and was a total bargain. It's a great size. The original reason he went to the sale was to pick up a new broom. I was thinking he would get one of the more traditional brooms they make, but then he came home with this:

It's perfectly functional and perfectly handmade-

Now if my spoon carving really takes off I would love to make a dustpan like Kiko Denzer's (scroll down). Swoon. Sweeping would be a great daily chore then!