New Ride

I know my mode of transportation is at best only tangentially related to crafting, but I am so excited about our new bike that I have to share the news about it here. I've been using a decent bike and trailer set-up to get me and my kids around town for about a year. We had an old Subaru that was my back-up vehicle which I used occasionally when it was cold or raining. It was not reliable though, and I wanted an upgrade. Not for my car, for my bike.

After much hemming and hawing, obsessive reading and research, making "pro and con" lists about all our cargo bike options, and scheming ways to make or save enough money to buy a fancy new bike, we sold our old Subaru and with the proceeds, bought a Madsen cargo bike. It was delivered on Friday. One of our first rides was to the Berea Farmer's Market:


In the last 3 days, even with me working all weekend at a local greenhouse, we've: ridden to the Black Feather Cafe for iced treats (coffee for me, Italian sodas for the kids), went to the new playground in town, hit the semi-annual Berea College Crafts sale, visited grandparents, went to a Kung Fu/Tai Chi class, delivered composted leaves and garden tools to friends and went for a couple rides just for fun. It's going to be a great addition to our summer, I can't wait to ride to the city pool next week, I am thinking about rigging up a little clothesline to dry our towels on the way home. 

It is quite a spectacle in our little town,  (I saw a tourist snap a photo of us at the Farmer's Market!) but even that is cool to me.