Katie has been rabble-rousing on behalf of legalizing laying hens in her small town. A fellow chicken blogger recently mentioned the Martha Stewart Show was doing an episode on backyard hens, and they were looking for an audience full of chicken keepers. Turns out the show was filming during the same week we were going to be in PA. This is how we found our selves here :

Hello New York City and the Martha Stewart Show! Rain, cold, and a long wait didn’t deter us. We were eventually ushered into the studio, after the chance to buy Martha souvenirs. I did my part and picked the set of rainbow glitter.


(Oh yes, that is the set behind us.)

Some super brave, ambitious folks brought hens with them. The chickens were amazingly well behaved, although they did not care for the hip hop (Snoop-Dogg!) blaring to pump up the crowd. (The  people with chickens in their laps were provided with matching taupe towels to keep their laps clean during the taping. Classy.) The studio was cold, but all the lights kept us warm.

A  picturesque coop was the backdrop for Martha’s chats with her guests, my favorite of which was Jan Brett.

It turns out Jan Brett isn’t just a talented children’s book author and illustrator, she also keeps show chickens. She brought several of her pretty hens with her. I hadn‘t anticipated getting free stuff, but we ended up with an armful. Jan Brett‘s newest book is my favorite freebie. Storey Publishing sent us home with two books on raising chickens, and we also recieved photographer Stephen Green-Armytage newest book of chicken photography. We clapped and grinned when appropriate and were pretty much dumbfounded by the entire experience. Martha is endearingly fond of her hensο»Ώ.