Quilt top and yarn finds

When we were in PA, Laura and I hit some of our favorite thrifting haunts- Reuzit shops that are scattered about the Lancaster, PA area. I found a cool but fragile quilt top for just $15.00. It's not in the greatest shape but I love the sampler design and the white background. It's a good size and I may make it into a throw for the couch. Laura suggested a curtain, which would also be nice. Any ideas? 

Not much crafting news to report, I've been busy gardening and ferrying my kids to many springtime activities and trips to the creek and park. It feels like summer in Kentucky already, it feels too hot to even knit socks. I am hoping to get back on track with my goal of knitting several pairs of socks for the coming winter. The leaves are really coming out on the trees, it's fun to see the yard at our new house green up. Since we moved here in the late fall, I've never seen this view in our courtyard, a big old oak tree:

All that sock knitting is well and good however I am distracted though by the lovely homespun-like wool yarn I also found at the same Reuzit shop for $1.50 a skein. There's plenty there for a cozy winter sweater for me, I've started researching patterns...

That's not the greatest photo, maybe I should look for a photography book when I'm thrifting!