When life gives you a dead car battery…

We spent our morning busily working on gifts and food for a 5 year old friend's birthday tea party.

(Girly felt birthday crown obligingly modeled by Eli.)

Running late but not too bad we buckled in only to remember leaving the car's back hatch open and interior light on for hours yesterday. Hmmm. I’ll skip the not so blog worth crying and gnashing of teeth. My mature, newly 6, Eli, thought a picnic to the creek would turn the beat around.

He totally called it.

The boys waded, made boats from twigs and dug around in the sand. I found a rainbow of pebbles and fossils:

(I used to bring home all the pretty rocks I could hold. Instead, now I set up a tableau on the sand and leave the rocks in their native habitat. I'd like to think I'm mellowing out.)

 After a couple of hours of creek time, we all were feelling better. On our walk home through the meadow we spotted these odd stalks:

They are not in my favorite wildflower book. The way the stalk is formed reminds me of horsetail, but the color is wrong...Anyway, speaking of flowers, approaching our house from the road, you really notice the redbuds:

Not the way we thought we'd spend our day, but it turned out A-OK.