I'm calling it

It could still snow in fickle Kentucky, but I think spring is here. The sun is shining, it is warm out and we are all tired from spending so much time outside. It's lovely! I started some vegetable seeds under lights last week and they are already growing so well-this flat is cole crops, swiss chard and lettuce. 

I love having a garage for the seed-starting space. I set up the work bench to serve as a potting bench for spring. Laura gave me all those terra cotta pots last week and I am already finding lots of uses for them besides plants. They are just the right size for transplants though and so much nicer than plastic pots. 

This is the first spring in our new house and it's so fun to see the crocus and daffodils popping up everywhere- even in the middle of the yard.

I've been riding my bike a bit as the season has warmed up, and on Saturday Avery and I ventured out for the first time together and went to the library. I am pleased that the ride wasn't super-difficult, I think all the walking around town we've been doing in the last few weeks has been moving my body away from my hibernation-like un-fit state. Now that spring is here I am trying once again to not use our car to get around town. 

I've also been knitting. I am determined to have a drawer full of warm socks next fall and socks are such a great portable project- I'll tell you about them next post, it's a fun free pattern. 

I hope it's sunny where you are! 

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