Small Dolls Pattern Correction

In the last couple weeks I was alerted to the first "big" mistake in one of my patterns. I left out the template to one of the shirts for the Small Dolls. Laura designed the little red shirt and my sister Abby and I found perfect buttons for it last spring. Here is one of the Small Dolls wearing the shirt and playing soccer:

I will be updating the pattern and contacting all the folks who have purchased the pattern but for now, I'm linking to the pdf template. If you have a little doll who needs a felt button-down shirt, feel free to download it as well! I didn't included directions, but basically you blanket-stitch the side seams and then attach the collar and placket with tiny running stitches. Add some snaps to the placket and some decorative buttons and you've got a tiny shirt. 

Small Dolls Button-Down Shirt Pattern 

My apologies if you purchased the pattern and have been waiting for the template pieces! 

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