Studio re-do

I've mentioned before my work space was originally intended to be a dining room. As we get ready to list our house for sale, I've moved all of my art-y/craft-y stuff to a storage unit and we've finished this little room and returned it to its intended purpose:

I'm loving the spare, clutter free-ness of this space!

My boys and I put up a smaller version of our Easter tree as a table centerpiece. We usually devote an entire side table to this project, so we had to pare down the decorations we used. Two little guys that did make the cut:

I needle felted these after admiring Jennifer Murphy's pom pom bunnies. (Tutorial for said bunnies here.) They have embroidery floss wrapped pipe cleaner bodies, wrapped and then needle felted wool, and naturally dyed wool overalls too. I took their photo when I made them last year, and they have seen a good bit of play since then, but are still pretty cute.

Since our "tree" is smaller than usual, our flock of fake birds couldn't perch there. I restrained myself from displaying them all and tacked up a few on the new trim:

Hooray for progress on our house and spring  time decorating!