Two things I'd like to make for Easter and Spring.

This is first on my list:

This image is from Matsutake, go there to see more.

Via Whip Up, a Matsutake tutorial for a Egg Diorama Music Box! I know. Too much. 

A Polish Paper Chandelier:

Image from Wren Handmade, go there to see more.

Also via Whip Up. Decor8 has a good intro post on these. See Wren Handmade for more images. I haven't really found a full tutorial though I am sure I can figure it out. Resurrection Fern has some images and thoughts on construction, I'm starting at her blog when I make my own. I still have some straw I collected years ago, my pack-ratty ways are paying off big time! 

I am going to finish my second sock first before I cross the threshold of Hobby Lobby to purchase supplies for these projects. Plus I still have 20+ asparagus roots to plant, manure to haul and garden beds to dig. What a busy, fun time of year!