Leaning Socks

I want to make a bunch of worsted weight socks for next fall so I've been skulking around Ravelry and found a few I'd like to make. They are all chunky socks with ribbing, cables or some kind of design to keep things interesting. 

Cable Footies

Log Cabin Socks

Wealthy Peasant's Socks


Leaning Socks, an English translation of Skeive Sokker

I started the Leaning Socks first because the long expanses of ribbing are easy to work on when I'm distracted (perennially) or at my weekly stitching group. 

The transition after the heel where the ribbing on the top of the foot gets "eaten up" by the ribbing on the side of the foot was tricky and I couldn't figure out the pattern at first. After putting it aside for a day I was able to look at the problem with fresh eyes and I figured it out. I am pleased with how it turned out. 

I've already made good progress on the second one. I really am one of those clichéd knitters who knits only one sock but I am determined to make two socks this time. Fitting little bits of of time to knit throughout the day really adds up and the second sock is slowly growing.  

(Today is sunny again which feels like a special gift because it was predicted to be rainy all day.)

My mom is visiting from Pennsylvania and she gave me a timely gift yesterday.

It's an assortment of darning wool. Laura has darned socks before, but I haven't. I don't know if I will actually use the wool for darning, but it's fun to see the vintage cards of wool. There's also some nylon reinforcing thread to knit in with the heel and toe of socks and I may try to use it for the second sock. Then I will only get holes in one of my new socks at least.

Laura just found a bunch of knitted soakers that I made for Avery that were passed on to her son Isaac and I had forgotten about all this knitting that I did years ago. 

The soakers, like the socks I'm planning, are utilitarian, but they enriched our life and made even baby diaper-wearing seem more special. The stripy one and the blue ones were my first attempts at yarn dyeing (with Kool Aid). I would like to pass them on to friends who have babies now, but I may save a couple just for nice.

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