Suitcase Storage

As I work to unpack and organize our studio, I've been using suitcases to store craft supplies. Laura just gave me some of her vintage suitcases, so I have more to fill up. I have a stack by our desk:

The extra-deep one holds all the completed knitting projects I've designed. The suitcase is full- I am going to have to start a new suitcase for for 2010.

I also have suitcases on the kinda funky built-in shelves in the studio. I didn't want the shelves to all be open storage as I knew they would not stay tidy for long. My pared-down nonfiction book collection is on the top of the shelves. 

A couple of these suitcases are still empty- which is great because I have a lot more stuff to unpack. One of them holds several works in progress and their associated supplies. Can you tell I'm still really trying to figure out how to knit shoes? 

Sometimes it feels overwhelming to unpack and organize, but it is so nice to have a place for everything, it's worth it. 

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