Army cot window seat, part 1

The studio side of our new place needs furniture. I got the computer desk most of the way set up, but the rest of the room is devoid of functional furniture, except for the mattress we drag out from the bedrrom when we want to watch a show on our computer- so classy! We really need comfortable seating that is stylish and cheap. I've been researching DIY daybeds and such. Here's one I really like- check out the link for a cool tissue paper/light too. 

Pallet Daybed

Image from Apartment Therapy- see above for link.

I even went so far as dragging pallets up from the garage to see how they looked, but I don't have super-nice pallets and am worried about the shin-bruising possibilities.

Totally different style, but I also like the Princess Bench by Moroso. I could totally picture a more Anthropologie-like one with rustic fabrics, etc...

Image from Moroso- see above for link.

Then I found a tutorial for someone who already did something similar- I love it that she used recycled materials for filling the "mattresses," I was trying to figure out how to cut down on costs, and it's much easier to find used comforters and such than it is to find a cheap new mattress. 

The boys and I are sliding into a routine of going thrifting on payday and I found a great little army cot to use as a base for whatever we come up with. It's super sturdy and was $29.50. Score. I'm planning on making it a window seat and maybe putting castors on it to move in front of the computer. 


Those crazy blinds have got to go. Now I'm on the lookout for mattress materials- a twin mattress would be about 10" too wide.