Hooray for Dick Blick and their sale prices! I bought myself a  new watercolor block for my house blessings, it makes me feel rich to have a crisp, green covered block of watercolor paper-made in France-so you know its better.

I also bought my boys 500 sheets of heavy weight 18" x 24"  drawing paper. We have been using thin, small copy paper for their drawings and the new paper has stimulated a rash of artistic inspiration. While it is  sold  as drawing paper, we’ve found it plenty heavy to paint on too. I also picked out a paper portfolio for each of them, but they are not going to be big enough. I’ve got an idea for a homemade kids’ artwork portfolios. I thought I could get away with just buying some, but I may have to make ‘em. Finally, some fancy-dancy fixative to seal my watercolors so I can safely display them without a frame. Isn’t it inspiring to have the materials you need?