In one of my recent posts, I mentioned my collection of found objects. I've been picking up little bits of rusty metal out of the gutter for ages, these along with little doo-dads from yard sales, fossils from our creek, and other detritus from who knows where else make up my collection. I don't seek these objects out, but if I see one, I grab it. As I've been packing, I've come across boxes like this:


I took a bunch of little treasures I found while cleaning and arranged them in a vintage 3 layer sewing box. I love this style of box. I also have one like it ( but clear plastic) for my hand sewing things.

Usually plastic and basket aren't words that go together well...

The thread on the wooden spools is  brittle and no good to sew with, but they are so pretty I keep them.

This is a good solution for some of my things, many are still rattling around cigar boxes. It is fun to share my quirky little colllection!