reading material

 Some recent additions to my book shelves are testing my resolve to work only on Isaac’s quilt until it is finished.

“A Rainbow of Stitches”-a gift from Katie, is a beautifully photographed book of little embroidery projects. This book may force me to try my hand at cross stitching. I’m charmed by the cross stitch designs that look like lace.

The recent library book sale was great for fiber-y books. It seems a tad off to be buying a box of books when we are soon going to be packing and moving, but, it’s the annual book sale-only once a year, I pretty much have to go. I found “’Danish Pulled Thread Embroidery”.

This Dover book is a lovely artifact, I can’t say I plan on actually doing any of this intricate, delicate work, but now I could if I wanted to.

The colorful and rich “Painting With Stitches-Creating Freestyle Embriiodery by Hand” by Sue Dove, is a perfect read for a cloudy winter day. Her technique is chunkier and  looser than the little stitchings I’ve been doing on silk, inspiring.

I almost left the tattered, vintage ‘Erica Wilson’s Embroidery Book” behind, but I am glad I plunked down another $2.00 for it.

Erica Wilson is a genius. I’ve seen bits and pieces of her work before, but it often seemed fussy and 70’s. Her sweet embroidery kits have often caught my eye at thrift stores. Anyway, this book is an incredible history and explanation of embroidery techniques.  I especially liked reading about the embroidery work of Mary Queen of Scots. (I wonder where they got their  threads back then, they would have been all natural dyes-interesting to consider…) I am awed by how much work went into this book. Spending time with this book makes me want to buy (hmm, or dye myself) some colorful wool and get stitching, after I finish Isaac’s quilt of course.

The last books are two sweet little craft books from Japan. The one with the Kewpie doll on the cover doesn’t have an English title, but it features baby clothes, and the second, “Delightful Creations with Embroidery and Applique”, is I have to say, delightful.

It is always  fun to get new books-even more so when they are $1.00 or $2.00!