Unfinished business

In preparation for selling our house, I’ve been packing boxes and painting  walls. As if February wasn’t bleak enough. My dining room/studio was the scariest room of the house as far as packing goes, so I dove in sorting stuff to keep, stuff to give away. We rented a storage unit to stow all our extra furniture, boxes and totes while we have our house for sale. I also packed 2 little totes of supplies and materials I have to keep with me-my watercolors and brushes, new sketch book, embroidery floss, felt….While sorting and packing, I unearthed two projects that have been unfinished way too long. A little hand stitched piece of my hand dyed cotton replicating our site's header. I started this as a Christmas gift for Katie um, 2 years ago.

I really don’t know why I set it aside and never finished it. I remember I ended up buying something for Katie that year because this piece was not going to be done. The weird thing is most of the stitching had been done, who knows. Anyway I finished the stitching and sewed on a binding. I love this kooky floral print, but thought the binding needed more texture, so piled more stitches onto it too.

The other project is much more ambitious and overdue. Ah yes, Isaac’s baby quilt:

I pieced this and began the quilting while I was pregnant. Isaac is 3 now. I’ve been taking both of these to our weekly stitching group, which helps-now I have some accountability. I leave the quilt in its hoop in the living room so I see it all the time- its lovely to curl up on the couch and stitch away the evening while Strider puts the boys to bed. It is special that Isaac is aware of me making this for him, he is proud of his quilt, and often asks me if I am done yet. I am very motivated to finish the quilt because I’ve decided not to start any new projects until this is done. I think I’m about halfway.