My family is in the midst of some big changes-as of January first, Strider is a forest ranger for a new part of the state-we are moving! We are leaving the lovely, but sometimes lonesome hills of Eastern Kentucky and headed to familiar town Berea and its environs. We had an inkling this move would be a possibility back in the fall-it really took the wind out of my studio building sails! I’m wondering if I had some unconscious intuition about this move a year ago when I was designing my studio and was determined to make it portable! Strider and I have been researching the possibility of moving the studio-it seems while I was careful about planning a movable shape, I didn’t give enough  thought to the height….The studio has a little loft, so it is a bit too tall. We are considering taking off the roof metal, rafters, siding, and then moving it on a big truck to my mother in law Teresa’s meadow. In the meadow we would put the roof back on, and finish the interior of the studio. Sounds doable, hmmm?


Well, it is hard to imagine doing much of anything out here anytime soon.



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