Perfect Day to wind yarn

Yesterday Laura and I went to Lexington sans kids. It was fantastic. We sampled Masala, a new Indian restaurant, hit up the fabric store and Parisa, an international grocery, and Rebelle, a yarn shop downtown. All of that and we snuck home before the next Kentucky snowstorm began in earnest. At Rebelle I bought yarn for several new designs I'm working on, both toys and shoes. 

Today I'm organizing yarn and winding it into tidy cakes. I just got this yarn winder and I love it. I still can't find my swift so I am just holding the yarn on my knees. It works fantastic until I am about 3/4 of the way through the skein and then it tangles like nobody's business and I have to work more slowly. But overall, what a timesaver! 

We have a snow day today and Michael is off work for Presidents' Day. It's nice to be cozy in the studio with a fire going, working with wool. I've got all the yarn I need for the next 6 toy designs and am going to cast on for the first one today... 

After I work my way through winding all that yarn.