Cloud watching

I know I've mentioned in the last few posts about how cloudy it's been in Kentucky for the last few weeks. Discussing the weather, the cold, the snow has become a hot topic out in town and among friends. It seems that everyone is tired of February. I haven't been working on many new projects as it feels like plenty to do to get through the day keeping walks clear of snow and bellies full of warm food. I feel so lucky to be able to snuggle down in our little house and read books, make bread and knit aimlessly. We are finding simple and good ways to brighten our days.

I enjoyed the tulips Laura got me - they lasted a whole week!

Laura made the lantern- it's a take on folded window stars. The vase is perch! and was a gift from my sister Abby. 

Spending long days inside with my two boys has been getting intense. Avery popped into my bedroom around 10:30 one night a few days ago and showed me what he had been working on (when I thought he was sleeping...) He cut his hair!

So he doesn't have bangs anymore. I evened up the rest, and it looks fine now.

I've been busy working on non-crafty stuff as well, there is a group of us working to get our city council to change the ordinance in our town to allow backyard chickens. We made a website and our mission is getting some press (I was on the evening news- yipes!) and the council will consider our proposal next week. If you are interested in chickens or Berea, please do go check it out!