Borax Snowflakes with the boys

Yesterday I was watching Laura's boys and we made borax crystal snowflakes. It was a fun project that had fairly successful results. We used the tutorial from the Crafts Department blog. You dissolve borax in hot water and add pipe cleaner snowflakes and let them sit overnight.

There is a lot of stirring involved, 

Which kept the boys busy for a while. I think things would have worked better if the water we used had been boiling, we couldn't get the borax to totally dissolve.

I want to show you what I have on my table right now, two of my favorite Christmas things, a candle chime (mine is slightly different from the one linked to) and a felt angel band that Laura made for me.

I love those little caroling angels!

After we set the stars aside, the boys and I had fun with another winter tradition-  looking at the Baker Creek seed catalog. By a lucky stroke, we received two copies of this glossy gem so the boys had a copy and so did I. If you are a gardener and you don't get this catalog, be sure to request it! The photos of the heirloom varieties are fantastic. Plus, the founder was a homeschool teen when he started the company- too cool.

My boys already have a list of things they would like to try in the spring. 

And this morning, we have some new decorations to hang on the tree! 

The boys are very pleased. I will post the Jacob's Ladder tutorial this evening, I hope it's worth the wait!