Buying Yarn: An Investment in Winter Sanity

I left my family at home, drawing on the couch and despite a blustery, snowy day, Laura and I made the trek to Lexington this morning for her to take a beginner knitting class! I am sure she will tell you more about it, but it was fun for me to go along for the ride. Jane at Magpie Yarn was Laura's teacher and of course after the class we both did some shopping. It was a new novel thing for both of us to buy yarn at a yarn shop! Usually she patiently waits for me while I dither about choosing my yarn. 

I am working on a series of new knitting designs and so we shopped at two local shops and I stocked up on a bunch of yarn. It wasn't until I got home that I realized I inadvertently got almost a rainbow's worth of yarn.

I keep doing that. It is fun to look at that pile of yarn I bought so long ago and think about the designs I have knit with it. Most of that yarn has long been knit and felted. (Looking at the photo, I realize that yarn order is when I also bought the linen for my ill-fated, interminable lace edging project too! Not every project can be a success I guess!) This time I bought a bunch of Cascade 220 and Lambs Pride for felting, as well as some Alpaca, crazy-thick Burly Spun, Madeline Tosh sock and some dreamy Kathmandu Chunky. I look forward to knitting on the couch tomorrow- will have to move the drawing kids to the dining room table- and making a dent in this yarn! 

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