Obscure Craft book Thursday, The International Dolls House Book

Laura and I both had dollhouses when we were growing up. Our mom was into miniatures for a while and we went along for the ride, each getting our own luan plywood punch-out kit, even our brother had a log cabin to outfit. I have fond memories of making furniture and accessories to decorate them. Our good friend Mandi's mom even owned a miniatures store in our town and I we spent hours browsing through all the tiny things.

I was thinking about making a simple dollhouse for Avery for Christmas, but then Laura reminded me of how much fun we had making things for our houses and so I decided that we will make a dollhouse together as a family for a winter project. So I was happy to remember a fun dollhouse book that I found at Robie and Robie's Books in Berea, our fantastic local book shop. It was $3.00, and used copies are on Amazon for less than that! A real bargain if you are looking for some unsual dollhouse inspiration. Now, it was printed in 1977 so some of the book is dated, but there's a wealth of information and inspiration inside.

There six main projects and full-size templates for furniture and accessories for all of them. There are a couple more traditional homes like a Swiss Chalet and a Victorian style house, but I really liked the different ones. Check out the fancy font on the "modern bungalow!" The furniture in this house isn't as "girly" as the other furniture in the book, it's more appealing to me.

The Japanese house has a pyramidal lift-off roof. It has sliding soji screens and a pretty porch.

But my favorite is of course the Gypsy wagon. It's got a little Dutch door and a cozy bunk. There is lots of room for decorative painting, the project in the book is really a blank canvas. If I had to pick one to make, it would be this one. 

I am excited to get going, too bad I have to finish up making Christmas gifts (and re-doing my kitchen) or I would start in on a Gypsy Wagon this weekend!

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