Handwork for the Holidays ebook winners

My apologies on my tardiness in announcing the drawing winners, our weekend has been a last-minute crafting, gingerbread house-making, real house-cleaning blur. Using the  random.org number generator, the winners of the ebook are: 

#3 Nicole

#15 Erin B. 

#5 Rachel

Hooray! You should have the ebook in your inboxes shortly. Don't forget, two of the projects from the ebook are available for free right here

Meanwhile, I have been knitting yards of lace, a project I was so happy to finally cast off! 

Some secret cables, 

And lots of non-Christmas swatches for my next big project. It's all very exciting and I just wish dinner would cook itself so I could knit some more. Here are a few. 

The top half of the little red swatch is actually twisted rib, I just put the back-side up. I have never knit twisted rib, it's kinda fiddly, but I am really digging the way it looks like little braids- like this-  

I hope everyone has a successful few days finishing up their Christmas crafting, that is what I should be doing instead of knitting interesting swatches. I am procrastinating knitting with more knitting! 

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